What is Project Work?

Opportunities for learners to:

  • (Co)-construct meaning in real-life tasks
  • engage in communicative activities
  • develop language skills and strategies

What are the goals of project work?

  • Prioritize content; mirror real life
  • Make students active social agents
  • Create opportunities for students to share ideas, resources and expertise
  • Integrate diverse skills
  • Design with end product
  • Make it motivating, stimulating, empowering and challenging.

Stoller, F. (2002). Project Work: A Means to Promote Language and Content. In Jack, C. Richards & Willy, A. Renandya (Eds.) Methodology in Language Teaching: an anthology of Current Practice (pp. 107-120). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

How does project work integrate into the curriculum?

  • projects encourage students to take ownership of English
  • clearly defined stages of the project work correspond to classroom learning
  • assessment criteria aligned with curricular needs
  • projects allow for an integrated skills approach