The Midnight Library

Club Leader: Özlem Sydney Turgut

Exploring the “What If?” of Life

Don’t we ever ask ourselves the question of “What If “in our lives? We might have had regrets and thoughts about what would have happened if we took another road in our lives. Then comes the striking question “What if you had the chance to live out every version of your life that was ever possible? By reading the book of The Midnight Library by Matt Haigh in this course, you will have the chance to explore different lives of a person you have never met, personalize, criticize, and act out the different lives of this person and more… So come and join if you are interested.

This course aims:

  • To strengthen language skills by reading some chapters of a book deeply
  • To encourage expressing emotions, comparing contrasting with our own lives
  • To stimulate creativity by acting out some chapters
  • To develop critical thinking by discussion