Project Work Curricular Alignment

Project work in the form of social clubs, inclusive of all levels, are meant to take a skills-based approach to developing students’ linguistic abilities. 

Social Clubs will help students work at the higher levels of Bloom’s Cognitive Domain: 

Bloom’s Cognitive Domain LevelLinguistic Acquisition Ability
CreatingCreate presentations
Produce independent reports by using level appropriate grammar and lexis
EvaluatingNegotiate and argue on word choice/phrases and grammar to choose the best ones for presentations
Evaluate peers’ presentations and give feedback
AnalyzingCompare words/phrases and grammar to select the best ones for use in presentations or during club discussion
ApplyingApply words/phrases to the contexts of the clubs/projects (as individuals, in pairs, and groups)
UnderstandingClassify words and recognize sentence patterns with support of peers and teacher
RememberingLearn and memorize new words and phrases through different sources.