Short Story Creative Writing

Club Leader: Cameron Beale

In the short story creative writing club, you will practice using a variety of writing and editing techniques to write your own short story narratives. You will read and give feedback on the work of others through small writing groups comprising 4 or 5 members. The goal is to be creative and learn techniques and methods that will improve your narrative writing skills. We will look at how to brainstorm ideas (spoiler warning: it’s easy); how to outline a short story; and other aspects, such as characters, setting, point of view, descriptions, and narrative structure. After writing and editing, we will collect all the club’s short stories and bring them together into a print format (our own literary magazine). So, if you love to write or want to express your creativity, this club will give you the tools and guidance to write your own story.

The aims of the club are:

  • Learn creative writing techniques and practice using writing tools
  • Learn how to give constructive/ descriptive feedback on the work of others
  • Expand your writing range and vocabulary
  • Use English in a creative environment through both written and spoken language
  • Produce a story that you want to share with others