Poetry Club

Club Leader: Nurdan Yeşil

Are you interested in reading and writing poetry? Or, do you still think of it as an old fashioned art form?

In this club, we will read some poetry. We will familiarize ourselves with the basic elements of poetry like metaphor, allegory, allusion, alliteration, and personification and analyze some poems by famous poets like William Shakespeare, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson to explore the rich figurative language in them and read between the lines. We will also write poetry and bring our poems together in an anthology.

If you are interested in expressing yourself creatively and want others to connect to your emotions, join this club.

In this club, you will be able to

  • have wonderful opportunities for reading, writing, speaking and listening practice as a language learner.
  • express your feelings and thoughts freely and explore the emotions and experiences of others by writing and listening to poems.