History Club

Club Leader: Sabriye Gür

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”
                                        David McCullough, American historian (1933- )

  1. Are you curious about the relation between past-present and future?
  2. Do you think that we have the potential to understand and solve the problems of today, many of which are man-made, only if we first understand who we were, and how the past has made who we are today?
  3. Do you agree that we must first decipher what is unchanging about human nature, and recognize what we can and must consciously change to ensure the future for ourselves and our planet?

If your answer to all of the questions is “YES!”,  HISTORY CLUB is surely the club that you need to enroll!

Come and join us to discuss the past- present and future of different concepts like beauty, money, housing, warring, inventions, immortality, and feminism.

In this club, we will either verify the theory that says human nature is unchanging despite the evolution process and technological advancements or challenge it through lots of fun activities like filmmaking, role-playing, panel discussions, interviewing, pantomiming, etc.