Exploring Literary Texts and Media

Club Leader: Gökçen Işık

In this club you have the opportunity to appreciate short stories/extracts from literature, a poem, a song, a podcast and watch a short film/ a commercial to discuss their themes and analyze them. Exposure to different types of literature and media will provide you with interesting and rich exposure to English. At the same time you will broaden your experience of the world while you are doing purposeful and meaningful activities. You will practise your writing skills and oral skills with communicative activities in which you can use your creativity.  Some of the activities that you might do are doing role-plays, acting out scenes, writing scripts for the characters, rewriting a story, prepare a commercial, make a video, create a podcast, etc.

Please be aware that there might be adult language and themes in the texts. 

The aim of the club is to:

  • provide you with the opportunity to enjoy reading authentic texts in English
  • provide you with interesting and rich exposure to English
  •  broaden your experience of the world