Curriculum Alignment at Elementary Level

In these clubs, students will develop their competence in reading short simplified and highly modified texts. In addition, students will comprehend basic elements of a talk and develop basic listening skills with correct pronunciation and writing skills on a sentence level, and progress from writing and organizing unified sentences to simple paragraphs in different rhetorical styles. Students will also develop basic speaking strategies through short utterances and dialogues as well as giving a short monologue in the form of a presentation. 

To accomplish these goals, students will interact with short reading passages and lectures or talks with a variety of strategies that utilize basic critical thinking and metacognitive skills to interact throughout the course of the social club. Students will develop basic listening skills and produce simple everyday conversations. They will also develop basic pronunciation, intonation and word stress patterns. They will take part in small group discussions related to the content and give short presentations. Third, students will develop writing on a sentence level and produce a series of simple sentences using newly learned vocabulary and grammar, appropriate spelling and basic mechanics /formatting rules. Students will practice the process approach to writing paragraphs using proper mechanics and formatting organized around a topic sentence with a controlling idea, and increase fluency through weekly club goals.