Curriculum Alignment at Upper-Intermediate Level

In these clubs, students will comprehend longer texts to further develop speaking and reading skills. Students will expand writing and critical thinking skills through short writings, critical responses, and summaries in different rhetorical styles, as well as further develop research skills.

To accomplish these goals, students will utilize and expand a variety of critical thinking and metacognitive skills to interact with club content. They will practice and utilize a variety of note taking techniques through listening and taking notes on talks and listening texts. They will take part in small group or class discussions related to the club content and give short, unscripted academic presentations. They will also engage in pronunciation activities at home and during club and appropriately utilize new vocabulary learned in class in speaking and in writing. Students will apply the process approach to practice writing paragraphs and short essays integrating proper mechanics and formatting organized with an introduction and thesis, supporting body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. They will also improve their critical thinking skills by developing and supporting arguments and opinions, and increase fluency through weekly club goals. Finally, students will conduct basic research skills.