Close Eyes Radio Club

Club Leader: Ozan Ekici

Things have become visual and this distresses those who want to listen and who want to talk. People are becoming more and more impatient to listen to one another, to speak and to express. We are all experiencing the fear of missing out as if we always need to be in touch with the ongoing current. We have started to skip videos or watch them in x2 speed. Our tolerances, patience and interests are bleeding. Perhaps, it is time to stop for a while and learn to listen, to speak, to wait and to take delight in a slower pace of life while creating different forms of communication through art and creativity.

Why don’t you come here, close your eyes, leave your smart devices outside and create what you have been keeping in mind and postponing for years.

Close Eyes Radio Club wants to offer you a chance to create your radio drama, podcasts, radio shows, stories, poetry recitation and many more.

If you are,

  • Confident in your creativity and would be happy to be involved in an experimental radio project
  • Good at using technology for audio editing, montaging or willing to learn about them (E.g. Audacity)
  • Following radio podcasts, dramas, stories, shows and as such in your daily life
  • Enthusiastic for improving your speaking and listening skills in English in terms of accuracy and fluency
  • Confident in working in groups to collaborate

We expect you to see among us as we are one less without